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Hi im a Duck

  Hi I’m a duck , Im going to take a guess at this one, This is a Domestic Duck. People originally had them as pets and they either get sick of them or can’t afford to feed them and then dump them in the lakes and dams. I suppose thats better than eating them. The pet ducks then interbreed with other native ducks and […]

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Snake Bird (Australasian Darter)

Picture Taken at Wynn Vale Dam Adelaide : South Australia Snake Bird (Australasian Darter) The darters or snakebirds are mainly tropical waterbirds in the family Anhingidae having a single genus Anhinga. There are four living species, three of which are very common and widespread while the fourth is rarer and classified as near-threatened by the IUCN. The term “snakebird” is usually used without any additions to […]

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Cairns Pool

This image was taken back in 2007 whilst on holiday in Cairns , Queensland Australia. I wanted to make this image look like a weathered painting because the skies were overcast and a storm was rolling in. Thats pretty much how Cairns is every summer (They call it the wet season) its also the time when big Cyclones smash the shorelines of far north Queensland. […]

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White Faced Heron

This is a White Faced Heron  that was taken a few years ago at the St Kilda “Mangrove Boardwalk” a great place to have a stroll around just make sure you take your mosquito repellant. White Faced heron’s are quite common along the coastline of Australia, you can also find them inland in billabongs and creeks. They are very timid birds and quite often had to get […]

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Sunset Silhouette

I really do like a great sunset , And i will go out of my way to make sure i have my camera and tripod handy if its a nice day with the chance of a great Sunset. this image has been post processed to emphisize the Silhouette the colour and background has not been altered in anyway. The location of this image is at an […]

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Adelaide Botanical Gardens

The Adelaide Botanical Gardens , A great place to visit if you like taking photos or just have a stroll through the gardens. Autumn is a great time as all the foliage turn to reds and browns. you may also be lucky enough to spot a lot of the local birds that frequent the gardens. The sunlight plays a big part in this picture, it […]

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Barn Owl

This Beautiful Barn Owl was found perched up a tree in our backyard a few years ago, It was being tormented by the local regular backyard birds. We don’t really see many owls around the suburbs. We initially thought this was a Masked Owl (they are uncommon) However many people clammed it was just a regular Barn Owl. Either way it was a very rare chance […]

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Sundowner Sunset

Sundowner – As the sun sets on another day we all need to look forward to the next day and what it will bring us. This picture was taken around November 2013 in Adelaide South Australia. Its overlooking the Greenfield’s Salt flats as you can see in the picture the reflective mid section is where the water and salt is produced.  This image i called Sundowner […]

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Shooting in Black and White

Here’s a great bit of information on Shooting in black and white. It adds another perspective to your photos , It can in some cases even make a bad photo better. I’ve always loved the feeling of black and white images because of their directness: they are no-nonsense and clean. You don’t get distracted and seduced by color. Black and white is a separate language from […]

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Christmas Again?

Well its getting close to that time of the year when the old fat man dressed in red makes his way around the globe delivering presents to all the kids of the world. Well ok Adults too after all you guys are just big kids at heart aren’t you. Can you believe I’ve been out to the shopping centres this month and already people are […]

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Open Wide

Open Wide – Im not really a Dentist for Camels but this guy decided to Open his mouth and show me his teeth anyway. This is One of the two Camels they have at Gorge wildlife park in the Adelaide hills. And they just love eating biscuits (if you look you will see some stuck in his teeth). One of the best things about Gorge wildlife park […]

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Just about had it with Facebook

Hello Friends, if you are reading this you have probably been directed here via me posting on wordpress and it automatically  posting to my Facebook account. Well that aside i am completely fed up with the direction that Facebook is heading with who it says you can and can’t be friends with. I thought the whole point of social media was to build circles of […]

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